About Us

Our Beginning
Thank you for visiting the Sporting Arms Company website. Our company was founded in 1994 out of the simple desire to provide friendly and courteous customer service to our friends and neighbors in the North Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas area. Our humble beginnings began with the motto that is still at the heart of what we believe today "Firearms for Responsible Citizens". Our founder, Tom Harris initially wanted to make enough profit to further his own firearms collection and in particular collect vintage World War II M1 Carbines and antique .22 rifles. After a couple of years of slowly growing the business and offering friendly service and competitive prices to our customers we launched our website www.SportingArms.com.

Our Customers
The Internet has allowed Sporting Arms Company to reach a nation-wide customer pool. A simple prayer offered over our little business to seek God's blessing began an amazing journey to grow our base to over 10,000 satisfied customers. The friends and loyal customers we have made over the past twenty years have been the true blessing. We are very grateful to our active and retired Military, Law Enforcement and first responders that keep our country and communities free and safe. Without their service and sacrifice we would not be enjoying our rights and freedoms we enjoy and treasure today. We gladly offer a price prices to these special heroes and we honor their service to us all.

Our Commitment
Sporting Arms values your business and for over 20 years it has been our family's commitment to offer you honest, courteous and good old fashion friendly service regardless of your knowledge level of firearms. We cater to the first time buyer as well as the seasoned professional shooting sports enthusiast. Sporting Arms Company honors the very best of our American Shooting Sports heritage. Whether you were introduce to the shooting sports as a young child by hunting squirrels on the creek with your dad or trying out your grandfather's favorite .22 caliber rifle target shooting at an old tin can we share those beloved memories with you and truly hope you pass on this heritage to future generations. We live in the greatest country mankind has ever known and responsible firearm ownership is your unique Right as an American Citizen. We hope that you enjoy our new website and we are excited to add you to the ever growing Sporting Arms Family. May God Bless you and our great nation!

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